Electronics Engineering Thesis

Dial over Data solution – The increased use of computer networks has lead to the adoption of Internet-based solutions for reducing telephony costs. This has proved to be a boon to callers who can reach the other party directly via the Internet.

Automatic Railway Gate Control & Track Switching – Aim of this project is control the unmanned rail gate automatically using embedded platform. Today often we see news papers very often about the railway accidents happening at un-attended railway gates.

Amateur Satellite Tracking Communication System – Our objective in this project was to design an Antenna/Transmitter module to communicate with Low Earth Orbiting (LEO) amateur Satellites in the sky.

Mechatronics Design of a Low-Cost Packaging and Dosing Machine for Doughy Products – The need to improve a packaging system of a company was the idea that impelled the realization of this mechatronics thesis.

Three Realizations and Comparison of Hardware for Piezoresistive Tactile Sensors – Tactile sensors are basically arrays of force sensors that are intended to emulate the skin in applications such as assistive robotics.

Coupling of light from Microdisk Lasers into Plasmonic Nano-antennas – An optical dipole nano-antenna can be constructed by placing a sub-wavelength dielectric (e.g., air) gap between two metallic regions.

Wool–A C library for OSE PowerPC Multi-Core system – With the requirement of high property processor rapidly increasing, ordinary single-core processors can hardly deal with the task it faces due to the limitation of frequency, power consumption, heat dissipation and etc.

Biologically Inspired Vision and Control for an Autonomous Flying Vehicle – This thesis makes a number of new contributions to control and sensing for unmanned vehicles.

Checking the integrity of Global Positioning Recommended Minimum (GPRMC) sentences using Artificial Neural Network (ANN) – In this study, Artificial Neural Network (ANN) is used to check the integrity of the Global Positioning Recommended Minimum (GPRMC) sentences.

Investigation of Antennas for C2C Communication – The road traffic density is continuously increasing. By the intensive use of automobiles, it comes to considerable difficulties and unpredictable events.

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